New analytics and play stats on SoundCloud

These days in SoundCloud exciting things are happening. After the deal that kept the company afloat in the face of all of their financial problems and the impending shutdown capability, SoundCloud launched the best analytics panel designed to facilitate your life.
Here are the latest platform developments that you should be aware of – using them as soon as possible, will help your career more than you think.


It seems SoundCloud slowly returns to its feet. They have seized a major financing deal, which includes a change in management, and this should be good for artists and fans.
It seems that SoundCloud does not go away, as some fear, and we have a lot of changes in the store for us. For example, shortly before they confirmed their financing agreement with the global trading bank The Raine Group and investment company Temasek Capital Management, they launched a documentary series called SoundCloud Next Wave.
Alexander Ljung. Founder and Chairman of SoundCloud
In the same blog that announced new funding for SoundCloud, Alexander Ljung announced that although he will remain in the company as chairman of the board, SoundCloud attracts new people as CEO and chief operating officer.
The new chief executive officer and chief executive officer of SoundCloud are Kerry Traynor and Mike Weisman respectively. Both took the same positions on the Vimeo video site.
This is not all.


Less than two weeks after the announcement of Ljung, new statistics were added to the SoundCloud Pulse, the DataClick toolbar for SoundCloud for understanding game statistics.
So, did you know that now you can open your best listeners through the SoundCloud Pulse application? Yes, the update includes Top Listeners, Top Countries and Top Cities, so creators can see who their most interested fans are, and from what city and country they are.
If you are interested in getting your games, you, by the way, can buy SoundCloud Plays and learn how to buy.
New users will find you more easily, based on the large amount of playback on your tracks. Listeners, as a rule, perceive the game as a sign of the quality of the track. So, the higher your game, the more likely that they will attract new organic listeners.
Purchased games will distort your statistics, but you just need to take this into account when analyzing your analytics.
More recently SoundCloud has also added an important new statistical playlist, access to which you can get online and through the application.


New update playlist statistics allows you to learn how to connect to the curators on the platform.
With the update, you can know who shares your tracks in the playlist and how many games comes from these playlists. In short, you will know who plays and how, and also the opportunities to communicate with the curators of these playlists.
Stat will show you all the playlists in which your tracks are contained, and even the playlist rating on the platform. On the Internet, it looks like that.
SoundCloud also redesigned the web interface of statistics. Now it is more intuitive, and the appearance of the visualized statistics contributes to a better analytical experience in general, which is the goal of SoundCloud.


As any marketeer would say, if you are not able to measure it, you will not improve it. So, now that you know about the new updates, use your statistics and evaluate how your tracks work on the platform. Increase the number of games, increase your preferences, get more participation and strengthen the number of your followers by looking at how your audience reacts to your music and the place where the listeners come from.
To go to your statistics, click on “Statistics” on the right side of your profile. On the next page you will see the latest plays, reviews, comments, replicas and downloads for all your records.
Your actions are represented by charts that highlight five of your most popular ones for an exact, timeframe. If you hover over the chart, you will see more information that will help you track the performance of your track for every day.
The goal of your advanced SoundCloud analytics toolbar is to help you make more informed changes to your downloading and marketing skills or even the songs that you download. This will help you develop fans and music, so make sure that you get useful information.
Learn more about how you can use your statistics and learn which of your downloads is most popular among your fans in order to increase your opportunities on the channel.
If you want to start this process, you can buy SoundCloud Plays or Followers. “Purchased games” and “Followers” can manage real users in your account organically. When they listen to your music and love it, they will not wait to follow you, too. Acquired social signs will help you look popular and promote more people to follow you.
Continue to develop your channel in SoundCloud. Stay in the center of all the changes that are taking place and keep up. Learn how to effectively use your statistics and increase your productivity with purchased followers or plays to further increase these effects.


SoundCloud is not yet closed. Really, the new leadership along with funding brings them hope and relief for those who are concerned about their downloaded music on the platform, and what this could mean for their career.
It’s interesting to watch that Kerry Trainor, the new CEO who helped make Vimeo what it is now, can do for SoundCloud. He was useful to Vimeo’s expanse, which is about mostly to the fact that despite being just another YouTube with admirer viral video products, they focus on making high-quality films as their heart output.
As early as now, with the start of the Next Wave, we’re seeing that he’s also putting the focus on what makes SoundCloud special — its home-grown skill.
Among other things, let’s not forget that SoundCloud is still one of the most downloaded and best applications for streaming music. So, really, everything goes up. Whether they will increase or die, only time will tell, but it seems that it is in the foreseeable future.
A little UPDATE, significant involvement
This new update of the statistics may be secondary, but it indicates the direction of this new management.
Unattractive subscription intentions and lack of commercials on the platform are often considered as the reasons for the lack of growth of SoundCloud. Nevertheless, it seems that this approach of the leadership will still not be participants or advertising.
Thanks to this update of statistics and the “New Wave” campaign, it seems that the new management wants to focus on the people who make SoundCloud so that it. He wants to emphasize indie music scenes, DJ remixes and garage demonstrations that you are not able to find anywhere else. He wants to focus on you, the artist, and it can be just successful by doing it.

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