The best 7 blogs for you

Social networking sites have access to music outside of borders. You don’t need to rely on the radio charts and MTV any more to hear your music. There are hundreds of powerful blogs that can help you gain access, and you will never have to leave your home or studio. According to Elon University, our communication through social networks has changed the distribution of music forever. The Internet made it possible to search music from all corners of the world, leveling the playing field for independent and main performers. Continue reading to find out all about the most influential music blogs online and see how they can help boost your career.


A & R Factory is tend to be One of the most popular music blogs . There are record companies and PR executives, publishers, radio stations – mostly some of the most important people in the music field through Their readers. They repeatedly show unsigned artists and highlight some of their most great works. The best thing about this website is that you can send your demo straight to your site – talk about availability, you do not even need to filter the Internet to find a contact, They recently did their work on a Los Angeles-based artist Benny Cassett, who has just released a track called “Maxine” that he dedicates to his grandmother. Unfortunately, we could not find this track. Despite the fact that Maxine had already received a lot of attention on A & R Factory several months ago, he helped to do it.


It seems that we see a lot of music blogs devoted to some space on the Internet for autonomous artists. Emerging Indie Bands is additional type of music blog that likes showing misunderstood and not identified artists on its website. Emerging indie bands show hundreds of musicians on their website weekly. So, you can get a better chance of landing. If you want to contact passionate music fans from every cornerof the world, send a demo to this blog.


Tiny Mix Tapes is a blog published by “problem geniuses”, as they say, for whom it is interested in all things related to music. They publish all things from the hottest to the very breaking. They also make a lot of reviews about politics, films and all eclectic interests. We can say that Tiny Mix Tapes are created by people who are deeply involved in art, for people who are deeply involved in art. Acquaintance with Tiny Mix Tapes, as part of an extraordinary club, consisting of independent artists and musicians from all genres. They do not have a page devoted to materials and demonstrations, but you can find the names of their editors.


Pigeons & Planes helps music fans cut through the noise to find great music. They have both independent and main performers – this means that your music can be represented next to the most famous names in the industry! Pigeons & Planes is always on top of the latest singles from the most popular artists. For example, Sigrid is a Norwegian pop artist who slowly makes a name for herself in this field.
Her latest single, entitled “Don’t Kill My Vibe,” has already been played over 3,680,000 times on SoundCloud alone. Her quality on Pigeons & Planes without doubt helped her connect to more music fans all over the world.

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