Marketing steps to album’s release

If it is coming to being a musician, there are a lot of things that means a lot and go by themselves: booking, recording, promotion, publishing and everything else. Not having a comprehensive strategic marketing plan can leave the musician with a strong emotional effect and make a decisive important mistake.

The musicians had a manager, a label-marketer, publishers and reservation agents to work together, but this rarely happens. This leaves the musician in the care of what needs to be done now, and never take the time to step back and work out a general plan.

It’s clear that musicians want to focus on creating music, and once it’s over, they want it. But getting this music, ready for release, was a costly affair in conjunction with a lot of hard work and time. You can’t move forward successfully without a strategic marketing plan.

Main parts of a marketing to get ready for the release of a new album.

Distributing facilities

Having hard copies for a release party or fulfillment, you will need to order them with a lot of run-time. For the rest of your distribution, you will use digital media, and you must select a distributor, such as Reverbnation, Tunecore or CD Baby. It can be also use additional sources to distribute your music, for example, Pandora and Soundcloud.

Creating the website

It is very important to have a professional looking website. Besides a landing page, concentrate on a few important pages such as the latest news section, newsletter signup, and a listening page where fans are able to buy your music.

Personal album’s brand

It is advisable to create a presence on social networks on multiple platforms. That’s the way most people are going to look at you and see how real you are and get updates to know what’s happening with your music or band. Social media is also a place where you can get conversations that can be divided and build your exposure. The place where you can build your brand is Social media. Use covers and photos that consistently represent your brand on your social networking platforms.

There are 4 platforms for social networking to focus on:


The original platform for social networks is still an important place for presence. You need to save the page. The active page creates credibility and shows that you are real. You should plan to spend a little money on promoting the page or most of your fans. In addition, install applications such as MailChimp to subscribe to the newsletter, your primary digital distribution channel and applications for the sale of goods.


In addition, in the home of funny favorite videos, YouTube is also a place for music lovers. A professional channel is a necessity, and you should have such videos as “Concerts”, “Official Video”, etc. Fans should also be able to refer to other pages of social networks. Descriptors and tags are important places for inserting names and key words of a musician. Do not ignore the importance of this; this is how search engines find and classify you, provide important information to viewers and are the place to link to your other content on social networks.


This is the place to create users and communicate. Add all prescribers you deal with and musicians in your genre – their fans may like your music. There are applications that you will use to plan in advance, which tweets you will upload within a week, and if necessary, you can throw more tweets when it comes to you. Since you are building relationships do not just type about your musical career, add other things such as politics and news that you are into.


The number of photos opened per day on Instagram fluctuates, currently about 80 million. The added photos should include several different hashtags that will help you find your ones. Subtitles can also be added to your photos to help communicate with fans. Make sure that you mix it up a bit so that your Instagram is not just a clone of your downloads on Facebook

Have a newsletter

Despite the importance of social networks you should not ignore the newsletter. Social media is about being connected with fans, but the newsletter is the way to make them be your customers. It is better to send your e-mail one or two times per month. Using an e-mail service will provide you with the analytics on which the messages work and other improved analytics about efficiency and income generation.

Having a good press release for an album

Sure, you need to create a press, but it must be assessed and send out to as many music sites as it is possible from Google. You need to do a little research and be a little bit quick about locating places. Get blogs, podcasts and radio stations that fit your music, and the placement will help you to go ahead. Just holding this process will help you know more about the market of your genre and make you the best marketer. Then do not just expect a press release to read it. Instead, first connect to them on their social media platforms and share them when necessary. Communicate with them if the chance presents itself, but keep it in relation to what interests them, which may be not yet your music. If you are lucky they may open your music on their own. Sending them a press release is what you should do at least for now, while they can recognize you as a follower or somebody with whom they communicated, which can be helpful in opening and reading your email. The previous 5 tips are important things that a musician must take before releasing an album. This is a great job, but these steps are of central importance for a successful release.

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