Music marketing

Blogging plays a significant role in the music area. Nevertheless, blogging is not enough if performers or creators of music content want to get more engagement and play with their content.
This is the reason why so many performers today think carefully about SoundCloud marketing.

There are some effective strategies to begin promoting content on SoundCloud.

Why SoundCloud is better than other social networks?
If you are subscribed to a specific author or artist, all their downloads and reposts will be shown in your feed. And unlike Facebook or Instagram, there is no algorithm that will intercept your feed updates. In SoundCloud, they simply get into your channel in chronological order.
This is the reason why makers have many choices for users to see their work, that is, if the user is not subscribed to thousands of accounts. Because if he / she does, most likely, his / her channel is filled with content.

But, nevertheless, your content is more likely to interest you if it is uploaded to SoundCloud, Spotify or YouTube. What for? Expecting to hear music people go to these channels. Therefore, their mind is already set to love this kind of content as soon as it enters their channel or stream.

If you want to get fans and subscribers on social networks, you should know that audio-centric social platforms, such as SoundCloud, YouTube and Spotify, are at the top of the fans and subscribers tunnel. Another social networks exist to support and further develop fan clubs. And if you create that super fandom, this leads to a conversion or to customers.

This is why you’re getting a lot of fun and sound.

How does this get you sound attraction, engagement, follows and play counts on SoundCloud? There are strategies and methods that you can do. Here are some of them:

Content is all important

Whatever regular written blogs or audio blogs, content is very necessary. Therefore, if you are creating audiovisual blogs, it is necessary to create valuable content. If your content is okay, then the download speed of content that looks like download will increase. And if you get a good interaction with your content, it will be easy for other creators to find your content and share it or publish it on your channel.
The Other techniques that content creators use to make valuable both sight and sound content are that they focus on a single topic or genre. And as soon as this genre gains sufficient activity or popularity, they create other related accounts and advertising networks. And to attract more people, they use these sister and advertising accounts to promote their another content.

Here are some ad networks that you must check out to know how to do it.

Entrance to advertising channels

As already mentioned, advertising channels are a good way to get attention. Nevertheless, these advertising channels receive hundreds or even thousands of applications. And they only download 1 or 2 out of those numbers?

So how do you compete with these numbers?

The secret is to make friends with the owner of the advertising channel. Remove their friendly message on Facebook. Do not be very aggressive at thit. Do not give them your content right now. First, praise them, or introduce yourself what you do and what your channel does, first establish a good relationship, and then submit your content.

Repost trading is must-try

Repost trading is an agreement between you and another creator with the same following as yours to reposts each other’s content on each other’s channel.

Pay attention on following things while doing repost trading:

Is the maker of repost trading?
Is the genre the familiar with yours?
How often do reposts appear?

Paid-up marketing

The above methods are organic and free. And if it’s still hard for you to be involved or attracted, you can also have done paid –up marketing.

Some of the paid activities contain:

SoundCloud commercial channels for publishing your content
Hiring a marketer to start SoundCloud marketing for you

These are just some of the strategies that you can use if you want to increase the attractiveness and increase the number of views of your content or channel.
Try some of them and see what works for you.

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